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Villa Gromo was built in the first half of the 18th century, commissioned by the noble Zanchi Counts as their ‘villa di delizia’ country home. In the mid-19th century, ownership of the villa passed over to the Finardi family and subsequently to Mrs. Stampa, who had the Swiss-style gatehouse constructed next to the current entrance. In 1947, the complex was purchased by the Antona-Traversi family, whose heirs still own the property today.

The wings of the U-shaped layout, characteristic of eighteenth-century villas in the Lombardy region, are slightly shorter than the central body, despite having the same number of floors. This suggests that the building may have been constructed over different time periods.

The villa is encircled by large gardens, landscaped in the English style and containing trees that are many centuries old. The interior features a number of rooms elaborately frescoed with allegorical figures, caryatids, mock balustrades, column elements, aerial perspectives, silhouettes and illusionistic frames. Suggestive porticoes and ancient stained-glass windows convey a unique effect that extends beyond the columns and gardens, imbuing every angle of this architectural complex with indisputable historical value and resonating with a flavour of times gone by.

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