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castello valverde

The origins of Valverde Castle date right back to the 10th century. Subsequently becoming known as Avogadri Castle, it was transformed in 1585 by the Venetian Captain Paolo Loredan, who converted the property into a villa which he took as his main residence. In 1588, it was Loredan who was put in charge of the completion of the walled fortifications around the city of Bergamo, including the construction of the Fara bastion, the final phases of which he was able to oversee directly from his home. The castle then passed to the Medolago family, whose coat of arms is still visible over the entrance portal. Restored to its present appearance between 1926 and I930, when it belonged to Giuseppina Cattaneo dei baroni Scotti, the castle is now owned by the Cattaneo Carrara family. One of the most prominent figures in the family’s history is Lidia Gelmi Cattaneo, who was the first woman from Bergamo to be recognised as “Righteous Among the Nations” in 1974: her home was one of the stations on the road to salvation for many Jews during the war. The castle, which is set among the green and rolling hills that frame the Venetian Walls, is considered to be one of the most outstandingly scenic and panoramic spots in the Bergamo area, and boasts a splendid view of the Upper City. Its spacious grounds, which feature a wide variety of different plans and trees, includes a section with an Italian-landscaped garden.

Valverde Castle lends itself beautifully to a wide variety of events and it is possible to stay in the prestigious B&B in one of the annexes, complete with period furniture.

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