Palazzo Monti della Corte

palazzo monti della corte
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on 16th April at 2.30 pm and 5.30 pm, on 21st May at 4.00 pm and 8th October at 4.00 pm the guided tour will be only in the park and vegetable garden of Palazzo Monti della Corte with the collection of herbs from the garden and the creation of a small bouquet.
palazzo monti della corte

Palazzo Monti della Corte stands today as the splendid result of a series of enhancements, expansions and embellishments to the ancient feudal village of the ancient noble Federici della Corte family, who originated from the Valle Camonica and settled in Nigoline around the 15th century. This sumptuous Palazzo was constructed in the 17th century, characterised by its majestic staircase and welcoming atrium adorned with beautiful arches and columns crafted from Sarnico stone, elements that still define its distinctive character and beauty today. In the late 18th century, the Monti Barons, originally from Montichiari, merged with the della Corte dynasty, inheriting the long-standing “feud” of Nigoline and establishing the family name “Monti della Corte.” One of the most prominent members of the family’s history was Alessandro Monti, a hero of the Risorgimento movement in both Italy and Hungary. The final Monti della Corte baron was Professor Alessandro Augusto (1902-1975). An adventurous traveller and erudite scholar specialising in history, politics and heraldry, he participated in the famous Fiume expedition with Gabriele d’Annunzio at the tender age of eighteen. He married Jacqueline, an Armenian princess in exile from genocide, with whom he had a daughter named Beatrice. After a long and successful career in the contemporary art world, Beatrice is now the head of the Santa Maddalena Foundation. Unfortunately, Jacqueline passed away prematurely, and Baron Alessandro Monti later married Gisa Corsi di Torre Montanara, a Roman-Neapolitan baroness, with whom he had a daughter, Maria Enrica. Known as “Chica”, Maria Enrica has dedicated herself to reviving wine-related activities, with the production of one of the finest wines in Franciacorta. She married the Dutch Count Thomas de Marchant et d’Ansembourg, with whom she had three children: Marie-José, Isabella and Alessandro, who currently reside in and oversee the maintenance of this cherished historic residence.

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