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villa pagnoncelli folceri
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villa pagnoncelli folceri

The main structure of Villa Pagnoncelli Folcieri originates from the seventeenth century, while its corner tower dates back to medieval times. The library and a large reception hall with adjoining smaller rooms are to be found on the main ‘piano nobile’ floor. The rooms are all decorated with eighteenth-century frescoes which have mythological and allegorical themes, further embellished with furniture pieces belonging to the family’s ancestors as well as antique items acquired over time. An English-style garden welcomes visitors, while there is a large verdant area at the rear of the property which has retained its Italian design. Bordered by boxwood hedges, this space is now used by the family as a vegetable garden and orchard. The Pagnoncellis moved into the Villa shortly after the mid 1850s, hailing from the hamlet of Cà Passero, in Berbenno, Valle Imagna. The family has a long tradition as pharmacists, and indeed Maurizio Pagnoncelli Folcieri still practises in Scanzorosciate today. In 1962, Giancarlo Pagnoncelli Folcieri produced his very first vintage of Moscato di Scanzo, a red passito meditation wine which is unique in the world. It is derived from an indigenous, aromatic, botrytized vine, whose history has been documented since the mid-13th century. Since 2009, it has been recognised as the smallest DOCG in Italy, and to date it is the only one existing in the Lombardy region. In addition to visiting the Villa, it is also possible to discover the wine cellar, which is located inside the villa and has been created in the spaces of the former woodshed or “legnaia”.

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