Palazzo Zurla De Poli

palazzo zurla de poli
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palazzo zurla de poli

Built in 1520 by the noble Leonardo Zurla, the palazzo is an example of a sixteenth-century Lombard hunting lodge. The splendor of the rooms is represented by the Hall of Honor, frescoed with episodes from Apuleius’s tale of Cupid and Psyche, and three smaller rooms, decorated with pictorial cycles by the major Lombard artists of the time, including Aurelio Buso De Capradossi. In the process of enhancing Crema, the building is proposed as a significant element that with its 500 years enriches the history of the city’s monuments. Cultural lounge and meeting point for special occasions, it offers added value to the city, as a space for artistic and cultural promotion activities. Since 2020, Palazzo Zurla De Poli is a member of the Italian Historic Houses Association (ADSI).

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