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villa dei tasso

The Celadina residence has the unique distinction of being the only private dwelling built and inhabited by the Tasso family that has remained intact to this day. Visitors get their first glimpse of the large estate in which the villa stands when passing through the Portone del Diavolo or Devil’s Gate. The property’s artistic and architectonical richness, complete with original frescoes and stuccoes, can be appreciated when moving from room to room, and is closely intertwined with the international history of the Tasso family. Responsible for organising the postal service between the various states over the course of hundreds of years, the family business laid the foundations of modern communication and indeed Europe itself. Villa dei Tasso is opened to the public for cultural, artistic and musical events hosted in the reception rooms and courtyard. For further information, please contact the Cultural Association entitled “… nel nome dei Tasso…” (‘in honour of the Tasso family’). For guided tours, please write to us at or call +39 339 3878611. To organise a private event (conventions, receptions, luncheons, etc.), please contact us by email at and consult our website: villa dei Tasso. villa dei Tasso.

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