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palazzo terzi
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palazzo terzi

Located on the western side of Upper Bergamo’s sloping hill, Palazzo Terzi dominates the small square bearing the same name, and is positioned next to the imposing Classical High School building. The Palazzo, which dates back to the sixteenth century, underwent perfectly executed extensions and modifications in the eighteenth century, carried out by architect Filippo Alessandri, who redesigned the façade and the adjacent spaces. As no further interventions designed to adapt to the current tastes of the time took place during the following centuries, today Palazzo Terzi has the appearance of being a residence where time has stood still. Visitors are welcomed into the Reception Hall, which is dominated by an imposing fireplace; striking and scenic 17th-century frescoes by Barbello positioned alongside decorative pieces by Storer and refined furnishings further embellish this charming setting. These same artists, together with the renowned Tiepolo and Carpoforo Tencalla, were commissioned by the Terzi family to decorate other rooms in the Palazzo, including the Dining Room, the Mirror Room, the Red Room and the “Soprarizzo” (‘Velvet’) Room.

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