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On May 21st we participate in “Cortili Aperti”, an event organized by the Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane – ADSI. The whole program on
villa grismondi finardi

It is believed that the origins of Villa Grismondi Finardi date back to medieval times. By the 18th century, it had become an agricultural estate and was subsequently inherited by the Grismondi family, who transformed the property from a rural complex into a country manor. The residence was held up to be the perfect embodiment and a point of reference for the cultural scene of the time, thanks to the dedication of the wife of Count Luigi Grismondi. Paolina Secco Suardo made her home the favoured venue for meetings of the literati of the Circolo dell’Arcadia, the literary academy of which the poetess, using the pseudonym of Lesbia Cedonia, was a tireless promoter. Towards the mid-nineteenth century, the architect Giacomo Bianconi was commissioned to transform the building into an authentic Palazzo with sumptuous halls frescoed in the New Gothic style. Subsequently, the property was passed on to the Finardi family who, in the twentieth century, created the Finardi District around the Villa and its park.

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