The majority of the villas, palaces and castles belonging to our group are still inhabited by their owners, and the families are delighted to be able to share their stories, anecdotes and snippets of interesting details with their guests. We firmly believe that the history and artistic background of our country should not be kept hidden behind closed doors, but that it should be shared and passed on to the public, for cultural dissemination is part and parcel of our duty as ‘worthy custodians’ of these heirlooms. Inherited from our family forebears, these ancestral properties are in constant need of maintenance and restoration, and are in fact an increasingly heavy responsibility we need to preserve. This is ever more complex, given that we have no external assistance, yet every one of us strives to achieve this objective and we are all passionate about the role we play. Receiving the support and interest of the public is a tremendous help, and is a welcome and stimulating source of motivation.