We are a group of sixteen owners of historic residences in and around the Bergamo area with an additional two residences around Brescia and two in Crema. Many of us are members of the Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane (the ADSI or Italian Historic Houses Association), and we are all united by a desire to share with as many people as possible the charm and beauty of sites that are often unknown and as yet undiscovered, because they are perhaps concealed behind a door or a gate and because they are not usually open to the public.

In 2018, our collaboration introduced the “Sundays at Villas, Palaces and Castles”initiative for the first time, hosting cultural events that have enabled us to share our historical residences with more than 2,600 visitors. It was our great pleasure to accompany guests around family rooms steeped in history, showing them heirlooms, artworks and fascinating gardens with hidden nooks and crannies, and recounting stories from times gone by to our many visitors.

It is no secret that Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage is envied the whole world over. Our famous Italian style and the country’s ability to create unique atmospheres in beautiful surroundings is rightly considered to be second to none. Our aim is to provide just a taste of what craftsmen, painters and patrons have achieved over the centuries, handing down and enriching their artistic wealth from generation to generation. Bergamo’s historical patrimony, while not being widely known, is an outstanding example of Italian excellence. We are very thrilled and proud to be able to contribute to raising awareness and ‘spreading the word’ of our region, and to help each other with the far from easy challenge of maintaining and enhancing these beautiful locations.

A number of the historical residences are also available for weddings, private ceremonies, corporate events, photo shoots, concerts, exhibitions and guided tours for groups, and combine outstanding settings that are rich in history with a tangible sense of beauty. In many of the houses, the family members themselves will be glad to welcome you into their home and to host lunches or dinners in dining rooms with enchanting atmospheres.